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Welcome to Jijaze an online community for women making a difference in the world.

Our name means to fill yourself up in Swahili and we are a community focused on providing learning opportunities, connection and replenishment for women making a difference in the world. In particular we want to help prevent the burnout, over giving and fatigue which we know are the shadow side of change making for many passionately committed change making women.
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jijazeJijaze was created by women like you, because we know what it’s like to give your all to the change you’re making, and we know firsthand the toll it can take.

We built this space to connect women working for change in a virtual haven – a sanctuary where you can access resources and relevant learning to grow your skills; find support to retreat and reflect so you can do your best work and connect with peers from all over the world.

Our aim is simple: to make it easy for you to get the support you need to make more of the change you want to see in the world.

What is Jijaze?


A place for connection and community.

We want to be a vibrant international collective of female change makers, and part of our purpose is to help you connect with and learn from women with passion for change all over the world. We think that peer support and the cross-pollination of ideas makes us better change makers and we want to help you experience that too.

 Personal communication.

We aim to create deep, healthy community and so although our current offerings are delivered online we want you to have the experience of feeling known, heard and held. We will be in touch with you personally if you choose to join us as a ChangeLeader Member, offering support by email and making sure we are meeting our community’s needs. All the experiences we offer are guided by clear principles of openness, honesty, confidentiality and respect.

Born from experience.

This community was born out of our own experience of how challenging and overwhelming our change making work can be. So as well as learning and community you will also find support to help you retreat, take stock and rest. Especially if that is "the last thing" that you think you have time for. We think that’s essential if we are to sustain our energy and commitment to the change we want to see in the world.

Whatever stage you are currently at.

We have designed our community to meet your needs at different stages, providing resources to help you both when you are getting a change making project off the ground and those to support you to reflect and learn even if you have been seeking to make change happen for decades.

Reflective Learning - relevant to you.

We offer a range of different learning resources and courses to our members. ChangeMaker members can access worksheets, short courses and recordings and ChangeLeader members get course content each month focused on our monthly theme. As well as how to guides and checklists we also offer tools and information that encourages you to reflect on your own practice and experience and to take action with what you have learnt. More than just factual learning, we offer a rich learning experience to help you integrate what you learn in your change making practice and into your life.

'This is a gorgeous place for women to enjoy community, rest and inspiration. It's the perfect resource for the woman who has been craving it and who is ready to make time and space for it. It's generous, inviting and loving'

Tanya Geisler, Speaker and Leadership Coach, Canada


'I am passionate about social innovation, business and entrepreneurship but particularly about business for good. As women, I think we carry a lot on our plates and are constantly thinking about our families, friends and others but never about ourselves. Coco Chanel said “Once we start thinking about ourselves with the same intensity and commitment that we think about others, we will shine!” Jijaze to me, provides a space I can be selfish and think about myself, my needs while replenishing my energy to be me.'

Eva Baguma, Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited (UWEAL), Uganda