Connect with women who are as passionate about social change as you are.

Working together to make a habit of caring for ourselves, as we care for the world.

Our Community costs £27 per month and we'd love YOU to join us now.

What if, by taking better care of yourself, you could make a bigger difference in the world?

At Jijaze our central mission is to help you to know and practice that it is possible to make a difference without overworking and exhausting yourself.

We also promote the idea that looking after ourselves is part of making change possible in the world.

Our Jijaze Community is an online home for women working in the not-for-profit sectors and those who are passionate about creating real social change in the world.

It's a virtual space to connect, work out how to take care of your own well-being, share and learn from one another and take seriously the need to imagine a different tomorrow - and new ways of getting there.

“We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.”

J. K. Rowling

Take better care of yourself

Resources and support to replenish you

Connect to other women

A community of awesome women who are passionate about making change happen

Imagine better with us

Join inspirational discussions about how we could do things differently


What you get when you join Jijaze:

✔ A community space where you can learn from others and share your ideas

✔ Content that challenges a culture of overwork, burnout,
and exhaustion and helps you do the same

✔ Resources to help you identify the work for change which truly calls you

✔ Support to experiment with changing your working
practice and do things differently

✔ A hopeful community of like-minded others to remind you that change is possible.

✔ A place to think creatively about new and different ways of imagining better and making change happen in the world.


Some of the things you'll find in our community


Live Community Events

Each Month we will run a Virtual Check In Call and a Virtual Away Day (during which there will be two calls) open to all members of our Jijaze Community


Invitations to share and listen

Regular prompts which invite you to share with us and each other within our private online Community Space


Creative Prompts

Part of Imagining Better is allowing ourselves to think creatively about the future that we truly want to see. Each month we will be providing creative prompts to help you explore what a better world might look like.


Replenish-ment Recordings

Designed to support you to take a moment - or many - to step back think about how to make sure you are filled up for the work for change you are committed to do.

About Mary Ann & The Jijaze Team

Mary Ann has worked in international development for most of the past two decades. Her interest in the wellbeing and replenishment of those in the third sector began when she reached a point of burn out herself six years ago and her belief in the power of bringing women together in community was inspired by the many women who have helped her to put her life back together since.

To create Jijaze in a way that allowed her to practice what she wants to preach Mary Ann has brought together a small Team of women in an inner circle who help her hold this project and share it with the world. Find out about Agnes, Becky, Madeleine and Sarah here.

Tanya Geisler Profile for Testimonial
This is a gorgeous place for women to enjoy community, rest and inspiration

'It's the perfect resource for the woman who has been craving it and who is ready to make time and space for it. It's generous, inviting and loving'

Tanya Geisler, Speaker and Leadership Coach, Canada

Jijaze to me, provides a space I can be selfish and think about myself, my needs while replenishing my energy to do my work

'I think, as Coco Chanel said, that “Once we start thinking about ourselves with the same intensity and commitment that we think about others, we will shine!” .'

Eva Baguma, Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited

The Jijaze Community: A place for women who want to make a difference in the world without depleting themselves.

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