That’s why our work at Jijaze is about helping you build wellbeing strategies and self-care practices which support you to have an impact.

Without these wellbeing + impact practices, here’s what often happens: we work hard to accomplish short-term goals but over time most of us wind up depleted, under-resourced and burned out.

Mary Ann our Director saw this over and over again in her work in the international development sector and experienced it herself. 

At Jijaze, our clients are living it. So we know it exists elsewhere too.

We want to help you find a new, sustainable way forward.

Attention to your own wellbeing is the missing link.

When we want to have a long-term impact, it’s critical that we take our wellbeing seriously.

It changes everything.

This is what our Impact + Wellbeing Mastermind is designed to help you do (and overcome).

Taking care of ourselves is a critical part of our work to create lasting change in the world.

The Wellbeing + Impact Mastermind 

Starting February 2018, you’ll join a small, intimate group of conscious professionals and changemakers.

Together we’ll work on establishing the individual self-care practices that support your wellbeing and fuel your career and impact.

The goal is for you to put down roots so you can have wings.

Here’s what you will get if you choose to join us:

  • 5 x 2 hour skill-building group calls (these will be scheduled to take place 7.30-9.30pm UK time). The value of joining a Jijaze incubator is that group work is more cost-effective than our 1:1 coaching; by being amongst peers you counter the isolation women often feel in their work and lives; and you get peer support and accountability so you stay in momentum.
  • In Call One (22.02.18) we will look at AWARENESS and FOCUS two of the key building blocks to creating change. There will be a chance to explore the topic together and to work to identify actions you plan to take. We will also touch on our cross cursing themes of generosity and physical tools and develop some strategies for you to work with both, in simple ways throughout the Mastermind.
  • In Call Two (08.03.18) we will dive deeper in to STRATEGIES and look at the different ways in which you can make this work real in your life and work.
  • In Call Three (22.03.18) we will focus on creating a HABIT of resourcing yourself through doing things you love that replenish you and REFLECTION as a tool for supporting this work. In this session we will also look at the cross-cutting theme of support and identify specific ways you want to access it as you continue through the mastermind.
  • In Call Four (12.04.18) we will look at SYSTEM CHANGE illuminating the parts of ourselves that may be resisting this work and how these tie up with the way our wider cultures view ‘work, ‘rest’ & ‘replenishment, particularly for women.
  • In Call Five (26.04.18) we will consider how we INFLUENCE others and model the changes we want to see in our world. This ties in with our Cross Cutting theme of Living the Values we hold about the change we want to see in the world. We will begin to create plans to take these pieces forward which will also be discussed in your final 1:1.

You also get two one-hour 1:1 coaching calls to help you identify your own specific challenges and map your own specific plans. One at the beginning of our time together in Feb to help you set your intentions for your participation in the Mastermind and the other towards the end of our time together as a group to consolidate your plan for taking this work forward after the Mastermind ends.

  • On 12th Feb when the Mastermind starts we will open a dedicated group for Mastermind participants in our Jijaze Community on Mighty Network. Here we will communicate and share as a group, supporting one another and keeping each other motivated in this work.
  • Resources and exercises to work with between calls to help you to deepen your learning
  • Access to us by email all the time throughout the duration of the Incubator for support and feedback.
  • The chance to have a buddy (someone else participating in the Mastermind) to partner with for accountability and further exploration between calls.

This is foundational wellbeing and impact work…so it’s not an indulgence. Wellbeing + Impact practices are a necessity when you want to create change without burning yourself out.

This is the first time we have run the Mastermind and it is priced at £600 or 3 instalments of £210. Our first cohort will start 12th Feb 2018 and last for three months through until mid-May 2018. If you join us you’ll also receive a bonus one year membership in our larger Jijaze Community (worth £324).

Mary Ann has devoted much of her life to making an impact and like many change-making professionals, she got burnt out in the process.

She wants all of us to be able to do this work and create this impact, sustainably, without costing us our wellbeing — and she knows it can be done.

The wellbeing of humanity and the ways we care for ourselves and one another — in our workplaces, in our communities, and in our personal lives — is her work and the passions of her heart.

She believes that World Changing + Self Care = Resilient Leaders Capable of Crafting a New Tomorrow.

You can learn more about the Team and our work at Jijaze here

Your Wellbeing + Impact Mastermind is led by Mary Ann with the support of the Jijaze Team.

The Wellbeing + Impact Mastermind is a chance to focus deeply on your own resourcing and really shift you practice so that it happens.

Because it’s by taking care of yourself that you can create the change you want to see in the world.

Your wellbeing is the foundation for your impact.

Sign Up Now & Pay £600 In 3 Installments of £210

Sign Up Now & Pay £600 In a Single Installment

PS? Got questions? Book a Call with Mary Ann to discuss joining the group using this link.

Prefer to work on this 1:1 with Mary Ann? She is also offering a few spots to do that in early 2018 with the Impact & Wellbeing Deep Dive.