Our Jijaze Womanifesto

At Jijaze we stand for the belief that a different world IS possible. Though it may not come in our lifetimes we believe that we have a responsibility to work towards it.

We reject the idea that poverty, inequality, discrimination and damage to our earth are inevitable. Instead we see them as symptoms and consequences of a world in which cultures of patriarchy, aggressive capitalism, and prejudice prevail.

We seek to create a community space in which it is possible to imagine another tomorrow AND to provide a space of support to those who wish to work to take steps towards it.

The Jijaze Team will facilitate conversations, share ideas, produce and share resources and encourage connection, cross fertilisation of ideas, the asking of important & complex questions and initiatives that seek to test out practices and ideas for doing things differently.

As such the Jijaze Community is designed as a place to meet, find virtual connections, share ideas and to test possibilities.

We stand for embracing failures and mistakes. A great many of us are used to reporting that even poor or mediocre projects went well, but we believe that every failure has things to teach us and honesty about what does and doesn't seem to work will serve us all in the end.

A word about methodologies: Outcomes, evaluations, results, logframes and so on; these are all a lens through which work for change can be viewed. They are only as useful as the integrity of those that both write and commission them. We stand for rejecting the tyranny of measurement of the tangible at the expense of really understanding the complex dynamics of what works and what brings about systemic and lasting change.

So called development cannot be achieved in a way that is equitable if it is based solely on a capitalist model of success. We think of money as a facilitator rather than a goal and of busyness for the sake of it as an obstacle to real change.

In that spirit we want to be clear that we need resources to run this community and that's why there is a cost to join us however our goal is not the funds we accumulate but the change we are able to use them to create as we develop this community into a space which nurtures ideas about how to do things differently.

That doesn't mean we don't pay ourselves. We do. But we strive to do so in a way that honours our values, including our value of care for ourselves.

In our community, we hold core values of equity, care for self and one another and positive community.

We think of this this work as being both Personal and Political.

We stand absolutely for the need to look after and tend to ourselves. What we think being a member of our community will offer you is:

  • A community space where you can learn from others and share your ideas
  • Content that challenges a culture of overwork, burnout,
    and exhaustion and helps you do the same
  • Resources to help you identify the work for change which truly calls you - be it in the places or organisation where you currently work or elsewhere
  • Support to experiment with changing your working
    practice and do things differently
  • A hopeful community of like-minded others to remind you that change is possible.
  • A place to think creatively about new and different ways of imagining better and making change happen in the world.

The work we are doing at Jijaze is also is systemic and political. So in time we also intend that our contribution will be:

  • Designing approaches and initiatives which address the gap between what many organisations working for change say they value and how they act
  • Creating an environment in which imagining and hoping for positive change is possible in order that radical ideas can grow
  • Calling out some of the practices that we have become familiar with that tend to work against us looking after and caring for ourselves and one another
  • Standing for putting equity, care for self and one another and positive community at the heart of change making work and developing concrete examples and resources to help make this possible.

As part of that we stand for equity of gender, colour, sexuality and all the other things that may seem to divide us. We stand for the celebration of difference and what it has to teach us about the possibility of a new tomorrow.

We welcome everyone into this space that shares these values and intentions.

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