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Organisational Training,
Speaking and Coaching

We create trainings and workshops for employees and senior leadership that help your organisation prevent burnout, eradicate chronic exhaustion, and cultivate and practice
the skills of humane and just leadership.

We can also offer a keynote speeches, Away Days and Staff Conferences focused on wellbeing as well as supporting our programme of working with tailored
Action Learning and Coaching Offerings


 Individual Coaching and Small Group Programmes

We do that individually and in small groups with our Impact & Wellbeing Deep Dive Coaching and Incubator Group Programmes. Both the coaching and the group program help you develop the self-care skills you need to sustain yourself in your career and your life.

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The Jijaze Online Community Membership

Join this membership-based,
online community where mission-driven
professionals and helpers gather to
practice your self-care muscles
so that you can continue
changing the world
without sacrificing yourself
or your wellbeing.